How To Protect Your Home From Possums

Possums are very cute or cuddly pests, but, besides that, they are very notorious too as they can damage your HVAC system. Possums are present all over the world and many homeowners are tensed because of their infestation. If you want your HVAC system safe and working properly for a long time, then, it would be good if you keep possums away by Possum Removal Services.

Well, possums are one of the pests who possess no harm and cause no physical damage to you or your loving family members, rather their presence causes disturbance in daily life as they can damage or tear belongings. But, with some possums control, you will easily be able to get rid of possums.

Before you do anything for pest control, the thing you keep in mind is that possums are one of the pests which are protected by Australian law. So, you need to remove them by being very careful.

Wasp nest with wasps
Wasp nest with wasps

Things to know for possum control:

The thing is that possums need to be trapped by you, family members, or by professionals.

  1. For possums control, you can prefer using the cage, it will help you to remove them without causing any harm to them.
  2. Once you get them trapped in the cage, then, it’s your responsibility that you keep them safe or away from all kinds of dangers.
  3. After sunset, you should release them away from your home, so that they don’t come back to your home.

If you have possums in your home, then, we strongly recommend you to hire professionals for possums control. As they are the best people who are experts. They handle the job and they will remove the possums safely. You don’t have to worry about anything.

Possums infestation:-

Before you do possums control, you must identify the area from where they are invading your home. And, it should be your first step of doing possums control.

  1. If possums have infested your home, then, it is very important that you find out the spot from which they are going in and out of your home.
  2. Their droppings are one of the things which can lead you to their nest, so, follow them.
  3. Most commonly eaves are to be their entry points, so you better check for that in your home too.
  4. You should also look over the branches of the tree which are looming on your home’s roof.
  5. If any garbage bins are overfilled or opened, then, you should also check for that in your surroundings.

Possums control:-

  1. Seal all the entry points
  2. Use motion-activated lights or sprinklers
  3. Having a dog or cat as a pet will also work
  4. Use garlic as possums hate its smell
  5. Possums repellents are available to use in the market


So, these are the Organic Pest Control ways of possums control, by following which you will be able to protect your home from possums. If you hire the best experts so they will give you organic results.